Acoustic Ceiling Removal Home

Popcorn ceiling removal (technically known as acoustic ceilings) and replacement with a knock-down or smooth wall texturing is one of the must do items in any rehab project. Scraping off your popcorn ceilings can provide a very visible, and therefore profitable upgrade to your home or flip project. This “popcorn ceiling texture” may have been in style 30 years ago but today make any home appear dated and provide a breeding ground for spiders and dust mites. Because these popcorn ceilings are basically a mixture of drywall joint compound with bits of Styrofoam sprayed onto the drywall board they also tend to release small but noticeable amounts of dust throughout their life.

Popcorn ceilings provide a minimal amount of sound deadening despite claims to the contrary, so this should not be a consideration in your decision to either keep or remove this type of ceiling finish. Unlike acoustical tile ceilings which are glued or suspended in a metal grid by wires, "popcorn" ceilings are sprayed directly onto the drywall.

Instead of removing popcorn ceiling texture you can spray latex paint onto the acoustic-popcorn ceiling to coat it and Popcorn removal - Spray King Acoustic Sprayerprevent dust release but this can actually cause a bigger problem. Painting sometimes prevents the ceiling from expanding and contracting at the same rate of the substrate it has been applied to and this can cause separation which will result in sheets of ceiling peeling off. The only fix for this problem is to strip the ceiling down to the substrate and either reapply the acoustic or spray on wall texture.

The task of removing an acoustic ceiling is not complicated but it is hard work and is best done by a qualified expert. Incorrect removal may cost you more money in the long run. If you own an older home you may also own an asbestos acoustic ceiling which complicates the ceiling removal process. The asbestos was added to the mix as a lubricant to keep the spray pump running smooth and increase its life expectancy. If your acoustic ceiling falls into this category specialized removal procedures may need to be used to prevent contamination of your home and furnishings.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Demand Continues to Increase

In some areas of the country such as Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the demand for acoustic removal along with drywall patching and the patch masters who repair them, has out paced that of contractors willing toPopcorn Ceiling Glitter Gun take on this difficult task leading to long delays when attempting to hire out this phase of the project leaving many to take the DIY route. Of course re-spraying or applying wall texture (ceiling texture) can sometimes be an expensive and time consuming proposition. This is because there will often be hidden damage requiring the replacement of sheetrock and the sealing of any existing drywall. Not properly sealing any existing drywall, especially if aged or water damaged will lead to bleed thru on the newly applied acoustic. At a minimum all joints and nail spots will need to be recoated before any new acoustic ceiling texturing material can be sprayed in your home. We hope you find the information here helpful in ridding your home of those popcorn ceilings.